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Recovery Center KentuckyTreatment at addiction recovery centers will vary greatly based on the type of care provided and the structure of the treatment program. If you or someone you love is struggling with misuse of alcohol, prescription drugs, fentanyl, heroin, opioids, or other illicit substances CommonHealth recovery center in Kentucky can help.

We realize that drug or alcohol addiction can alter more than just your physical well-being. Underlying mental and behavioral health symptoms may also present alongside substance use disorder making it difficult to participate in everyday routines and equally hard to maintain priorities.

At CommonHealth recovery center, Kentucky residents achieve healing and improved well-being while successfully overcoming substance use disorders, mental illness, and underlying behavioral health conditions. We’re here to help you. Call our admissions team today at (502) 661-1444 to learn more about the treatment programs offered at our center.

At CommonHealth’s Kentucky recovery center, patients engage in outpatient services based on their individual needs and the appropriate treatment levels of care that are defined by our clinicians. Many patients come to our addiction recovery center in Kentucky following successful discharge from a nearby residential treatment program. However, you are not required to receive residential treatment in order to receive recovery support services at CommonHealth.


Outpatient services at CommonHealth’s Central Kentucky recovery center include both standard outpatient programming and intensive outpatient programming (IOP) options. The outpatient program allows patients to step down from upwards of 9 hours per week of therapy and counseling to personalized counseling options that are fewer than 9 hours per week or often less frequent than the 3 days per week that is standard in the Intensive Outpatient Program that is also offered at CommonHealth’s recovery center in Kentucky.


CommonHealth’s Kentucky clients can engage in the following therapy programs at our Frankfort treatment center:



Our therapy programs represent a wide range of both medical and psychological recovery offerings to assist patients in acquiring improved coping mechanisms and skills for coping with mental illness, behavioral health symptoms, and primary substance use disorders. Outpatient treatment services 

At CommonHealth we use a wide range of treatment methods to help you achieve lasting recovery and sustained abstinence from drugs or alcohol. Every patient that receives treatment for addiction and/or co-occurring mental or behavioral health challenges will require a unique approach to his or her treatment and care. That’s why, you won’t find a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to treatment at our recovery center in Kentucky.


Treatment methods at CommonHealth include, but are not limited to:


  • CBT & DBT
  • Psychiatric evaluation, medication management & medication maintenance
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family groups and enrichment programs
  • Peer support groups and community support sessions
  • Trauma informed therapy & relapse prevention
  • Life skills training and 12-step guiding principles
  • Aftercare and ongoing Lifetime Recovery Management
  • Dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorder treatment
  • HIPAA compliant virtual counseling & telehealth sessions

From admissions to discharge, your experience with CommonHealth will be one of support and compassionate guidance. Our staff will lead you through the recovery process to help you live your best life. You’ll appreciate the convenience of our recovery center. Kentucky residents living near Frankfort or the Central Kentucky area can access treatment at CommonHealth’s outpatient treatment facility 5 days a week. Additional services are provided through our HIPAA-compliant telehealth programs offered online.


Our Central KY recovery center features MAT, and outpatient treatment services that are designed to help patients achieve monthly protocols which require fewer engagements in-person without reducing effectiveness of the treatment process. Our clinical team will help you determine that best recovery program schedule for your individual needs based on underlying health factors, the severity of your drug or alcohol use, and various other individual factors.


While patients receiving treatment at our recovery center in Kentucky experience various benefits that are unique to their individual goals or treatment needs, most patients that engage in outpatient treatment at CommonHealth learn the skills to help them stop using drugs or alcohol and build a productive life. Added benefits that come from entering and completing a treatment program at CommonHealth or any other recovery center in Kentucky may include:


  • Breaking the cycle of addiction.
  • Learning how to cope with and beat your addiction.
  • Digging deep into the underlying behavioral health or mental health issues at the root of the addiction.
  • Learning how to develop new habits and practices that are conducive to recovery.
  • Establishing healthy boundaries in recovery that aid in long-term sobriety.


Treatment at our recovery center can help you to understand where you stand in your recovery and how you can effectively continue down a healing path without risking relapse. We’ll guide you down the path to recovery and healing where you will learn how to set goals, achieve stronger more healthy habits, and navigate a healthy, positive lifestyle.

An AODE Licensed Central Kentucky Recovery Center

Kentucky Recovery Center GroupCertain treatment centers that meet unique guidelines and standards of quality care are awarded with a stamp of approval to operate as an Alcohol or Other Drug Treatment facility. CommonHealth is licensed to operate, provide drug and alcohol addiction counseling services, and various treatments. We are also licensed by the CLIA to provide testing as part of the outpatient treatment we offer. Drug and alcohol treatment & recovery counseling in Kentucky at CommonHealth means you and your family can rest easy knowing you will be well-cared for.

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, contact our addiction recovery center. Kentucky residents are encouraged to consider outpatient treatment at CommonHealth’s recovery center. Call our admissions department at (502) 661-1444 to learn more about the outpatient programs offered at our recovery center in Kentucky.