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Kentucky Suboxone ClinicsChoosing treatment for addiction to prescription painkillers, heroin, or other opiates requires great care. Oftentimes, your primary care doctor can help you find essential addiction treatment that will properly provide for your recovery needs. CommonHealth Suboxone clinics in KY specialize in providing detox and maintenance treatment for opioid addiction.

We provide several outpatient treatment options to meet the needs of those with busy work schedules, priorities at home, or other responsibilities that make attending an inpatient treatment program difficult to achieve. Instead, we offer flexible outpatient Suboxone treatment to patients. 

Backed by overwhelming evidence, CommonHealth Recovery Suboxone clinics provide a successful avenue to recovery for our patients.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to Fentanyl, Oxycodone, or other powerful opiates, call CommonHealth Recovery at (502) 661-1444 to learn more about our opioid addiction treatment program and the next steps in your recovery.

What is Suboxone?

The first active ingredient in Suboxone is Buprenorphine. This is a partial opioid agonist medication that binds to the opioid receptors to alleviate symptoms of withdrawal and reduce cravings. Due to the buprenorphine ceiling effect, excessive consumption of buprenorphine typically does not result in the high that would be elicited with other opioids making this medication powerfully effective in breaking the pattern of addiction and reducing compulsive, drug-seeking behaviors.

The second active ingredient in Suboxone is Naloxone. This opioid antagonist works to minimize the risk of Suboxone abuse by producing a negative reaction when it is injected or otherwise tampered with. NOTE: Improper use of Suboxone could result in prescripated withdrawal symptoms, do not take Suboxone without seeking the treatment of a professional.

Choosing a Suboxone Clinic in KY

Suboxone Clinics KentuckyVarious providers including licensed healthcare professionals prescribe Suboxone in the treatment of opioid addiction on a completely outpatient basis. Buprenorphine prescribers must have special training and licensing in the United States to offer this treatment and they are then only allows to take on a specific number of patients at a given time. These regulations sometimes make finding and choosing between the various local Suboxone clinics in KY frustrating or challenging for the patient — you must find a location that accepts your insurance, has availability to take on new patients, and that is within an acceptable distance from your home or office.

CommonHealth Recovery understands the challenges faced in recovery and the need to find and choose a Suboxone clinic that can offer treatment which meets your needs. We recommend that you take the following steps before choosing appropriate Suboxone treatment in Kentucky:

Get details on the Suboxone clinics in your area and the amenities or benefits offered at each.

Ask about co-pays, co-insurance, and any hidden costs that you should prepare for.

Make sure that they clinic can accommodate your immediate needs and that their treatment program has the flexibility to work within your schedule.

Discuss with the clinic whether they will help you obtain your medication at the pharmacy and if they will provide prior authorizations to make this possible.

Telehealth and online Suboxone treatment programs. CommonHealth Kentucky is proud to offer telehealth treatment options for many patients.

Keep in mind that Suboxone clinics in KY may each have their own requirements for the subcomponents of treatment such as counseling and therapy which are provided alongside medication based treatments. Discuss individual treatment needs, and expectations for therapy and counseling, with the Suboxone clinic that you choose to attend to ensure you understand their program fully and that there are not any expectations that you cannot adhere to.

We realize this is totally new and that you may have many questions about how treatment works, what to expect, and what your next steps should be. We encourage you to call CommonHealth Recovery at 502-661-1444 for more information and we welcome your questions.

Is Suboxone a Good Treatment for My Opiate Addiction?

Suboxone is a clinically proven treatment for opioid dependence but, like other forms of addiction treatment, it’s not for everyone. Deciding whether Suboxone is a good treatment for your addiction to prescription painkillers or other opioids is a decision to be made between you and your healthcare team or medical professional. We always recommend consulting with a licensed professional prior to choosing any treatment plan.

Kentucky Suboxone clinics recommend this form of medication-assisted treatment for adults who are addicted to opioid drugs. You may be an ideal candidate for Suboxone treatment at CommonHealth Recovery if:

● You reside in the central Kentucky area and struggle with opioid addiction.
● You are physically addicted to opioids and seeking a treatment option to help you curb cravings, minimize withdrawal, and achieve recovery.
● You have not stopped using opioids due to fear or concerns of withdrawal.
● You are not currently taking benzodiazepines or drinking alcohol excessively. (You may still be a candidate for Suboxone treatment if you are using these substances but further treatment will be discussed to ensure your safety.)
● You can commit to a daily schedule of taking medication, on-time, without abusing or misusing your dose.
● You are committed to counseling and therapy that works in conjunction with the medication-assisted treatment prescribed for you.
● You can refrain from drinking alcohol during your Suboxone treatment program.

Contact CommonHealth Recovery to learn more about Suboxone treatment for opioid dependence and to find out if this option is the right choice for your recovery needs.

Why Choose CommonHealth Recovery Suboxone Clinics?

We can assist you in taking the next steps towards healing and recovery. CommonHealth Recovery Suboxone clinics provide safe, effective opioid addiction treatment options that are flexible and affordable. Our licensed facility offers medication-assisted treatment programs, in-person and telehealth counseling and therapy options, and full service outpatient Suboxone treatment for Central Kentucky residents.

Let us introduce you to recovery and the opportunity to turn your life around. Suboxone treatment at CommonHealth Recovery leads you down a scientifically proven path to recovery. We accept most major insurance providers and have flexible payment plans for self-pay clients. Call our admissions team at (502) 661-1444 today to get started.