At CommonHealth Recovery, our team of professionals works with patients to help them heal not just from physical symptoms of substance abuse and addiction, but also the various behavioral mannerisms and symptoms that are at the root of their drug or alcohol problems. We offer a wide range of treatment programs to help with behavioral health. Kentucky residents and those living nearby are encouraged to take the first step and contact our behavioral health professionals to learn more about admission to our program.

Integrated treatment for those struggling with primary substance use disorder and co-occurring mental or behavioral health conditions is provided by CommonHealth Recovery. Our qualified behavioral health team provides evaluations and recommendations for treatment that will guide the healing and recovery process. If you or someone you love struggles with addiction and co-occurring mental illness or underlying concerns of behavioral health in Kentucky we can help. Contact CommonHealth Recovery for a free assessment to begin the healing process.

CommonHealth Behavioral Health Treatment in Frankfort, KY

Behavioral health treatment programs vary based on individual patient needs and clinical recommendations. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and you’ve been previously diagnosed with a co-occurring mental or behavioral health disorder, contact the Frankfort behavioral health specialists at CommonHealth by calling (502) 661-1444 for a free, no-obligation assessment to find out if any of our treatment programs may be a good fit for your recovery needs.

With better habits, stronger focus, and intentional behavior patterns, you too can experience significant improvements in your behavioral health. Frankfort, KY behavioral health treatment professionals at CommonHealth are prepared to provide an individualized treatment plan that will guide your healing and recovery.

We work closely with all professionals who have a client that may benefit from treatment at CommonHealth. We will work with your patient to complete the registration process and to schedule an appointment at the patient’s convenience. You will be notified once the appointment is scheduled.