frankfort KY recovery centerAddiction treatment is a vital step towards healing and recovery, but few people actually make the decision to seek professional treatment for a problem with drugs or alcohol. Before choosing a recovery center, Frankfort, KY residents should closely examine their individual situation and how each rehabilitation program could potentially benefit them. The treatment services that you receive now, could greatly impact your long term healing and recovery.


CommonHealth, a recovery center in Frankfort, Kentucky, offers programs that provide outpatient counseling services and medication assisted treatment for patients struggling with opioid dependence, alcoholism, and various other forms of drug addiction. Here’s what you need to know before choosing a Frankfort recovery center for yourself, or a loved one.

Types of Addiction Recovery Centers in Frankfort, KY

Recovery Center Frankfort, KYTreatment programs vary for those considering ongoing counseling and therapy to help them overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol. Because no two patients are the same, and because all addictions require individualized treatment approaches, several types of treatment are offered at at our recovery center to Frankfort, KY residents. Programs include:

Programs at our recovery center in Frankfort, KY generally include medication assisted treatment as clinically defined by the doctors and therapists on staff as well as outpatient counseling services or intensive outpatient programs which provide up to 9-hours per week of counseling for patients.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Representing one of the highest levels of outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment in Frankfort, KY at CommonHealth provides patients with 3 hours of counseling and therapy, 3 days per week. While IOP clients do have the opportunity to return home at night to continue participation in day-to-day activities, they learn to utilize the skills and newfound behaviors that are encouraged during treatment at home. IOP is often the next step following a residential treatment program. Many of our patients come from nearby residential treatment programs to step-down to the intensive outpatient program in Frankfort, KY.

Choosing a Recovery Center in Frankfort, KY

Upon identifying the best treatment setting for yourself or someone you care about, you must begin to narrow down the options locally available to your home or office. Statistically, treatment must be readily available in order for patients to engage frequently and consistently. Therefore, we recommend you choose a recovery center in Frankfort, KY if you live in or near the Central Kentucky or Frankfort, KY area.

Recovery Center Frankfort KY

Although some recovery centers may offer lavish amenities such as swimming pools and tennis courts, it’s important to know that some of these features, although admirable and possibly desirable, are not proven effective or required in the treatment of addiction to drugs or alcohol. Keep in mind that all of these amenities are not required in order for treatment to be powerfully effective. An overwhelming amount of programs focus on amenities when it is the therapy, counseling, and medical services that truly create a successful recovery experience, not amenities.

When considering treatment for yourself or someone you love, it’s important to ensure that the recovery center you choose meets the following standards of care:


     Care is provided by a medical team that has experience in treating substance use disorders.

     Multiple forms of therapy, counseling, and treatment are available – not a cookie-cutter-approach.

     Treatment sessions are available weekly and there are many convenient options to choose from.

     Ongoing support after treatment is provided.

     Patients will not be kicked out of the treatment program if they relapse.

     The recovery center is licensed and accredited by appropriate agencies.


These are just a few of the considerations you should make before choosing a recovery center in Frankfort, KY that’s right for you or your loved one in need of treatment for addiction.


Individualized Treatment at Our Frankfort Recovery Center


The decision to seek the services of a recovery center in Frankfort, KY has likely been weighing on  your mind for quite some time — addiction doesn’t just happen overnight. Recovery is a lifelong process that requires commitment and care. Whether you’re just now realizing how out of control your life could get as a result of your drug or alcohol use, or the crisis has already begun and things are quickly spiraling out of control — individualized treatment can help. Most importantly, when you call you should feel instantly welcomed by our supporting team of counselors and therapists ready to assist you with the next steps of your recovery.


When you seek treatment at our Frankfort recovery center, the first thing you will notice is the robust sense of support and trust that comes from each of our staff members that truly want what’s best for you and your recovery. But don’t just take our word for it — call CommonHealth’s admissions team today to learn more about our outpatient recovery center in Frankfort and the treatment programs available to guide your recovery.

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We work closely with all professionals who have a client that may benefit from treatment at CommonHealth. We will work with your patient to complete the registration process and to schedule an appointment at the patient’s convenience. You will be notified once the appointment is scheduled. 

CommonHealth Behavioral Health Treatment in Frankfort, KY

Behavioral health treatment programs vary based on individual patient needs and clinical recommendations. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and you’ve been previously diagnosed with a co-occurring mental or behavioral health disorder, contact the Frankfort behavioral health specialists at CommonHealth for a free, no-obligation assessment to find out if any of our treatment programs may be a good fit for your recovery needs. With better habits, stronger focus, and intentional behavior patterns, you too can experience significant improvements in your behavioral health. Frankfort, KY behavioral health treatment professionals at CommonHealth are prepared to provide an individualized treatment plan that will guide your healing and recovery.

CommonHealth accepts both voluntary and involuntary direct admissions from a variety of referral sources in the community. Upon making a referral to CommonHealth Kentucky, our intake team will ask for your preferences regarding ongoing communication of the patient’s progress and discharge planning. We make every effort to obtain signed releases of information for professionals involved in each patient’s care at the time of admission. 

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