Recovery Center KentuckyTreatment at addiction recovery centers will vary greatly based on the type of care provided and the structure of the treatment program. If you or someone you love is struggling with misuse of alcohol, prescription drugs, fentanyl, heroin, opioids, or other illicit substances CommonHealth recovery center in Kentucky can help.

We realize that drug or alcohol addiction can alter more than just your physical well-being. Underlying mental and behavioral health symptoms may also present alongside substance use disorder making it difficult to participate in everyday routines and equally hard to maintain priorities.

At CommonHealth recovery center, Kentucky residents achieve healing and improved well-being while successfully overcoming substance use disorders, mental illness, and underlying behavioral health conditions. We’re here to help you. Call our admissions team today at (502) 661-1444 to learn more about the treatment programs offered at our center.

An AODE Licensed Central Kentucky Recovery Center

Kentucky Recovery Center GroupCertain treatment centers that meet unique guidelines and standards of quality care are awarded with a stamp of approval to operate as an Alcohol or Other Drug Treatment facility. CommonHealth is licensed to operate, provide drug and alcohol addiction counseling services, and various treatments. We are also licensed by the CLIA to provide testing as part of the outpatient treatment we offer. Drug and alcohol treatment & recovery counseling in Kentucky at CommonHealth means you and your family can rest easy knowing you will be well-cared for.

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, contact our addiction recovery center. Kentucky residents are encouraged to consider outpatient treatment at CommonHealth’s recovery center. Call our admissions department at (502) 661-1444 to learn more about the outpatient programs offered at our recovery center in Kentucky.