CommonHealth Recovery


Generally, the purpose of drug testing during treatment of opioid use disorder is to monitor the effectiveness of a patient’s treatment plan. Drug testing should be viewed and used as a therapeutic tool. CommonHealth will administer drug/alcohol tests to maintain a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment and assist clients in being accountable for their treatment. 

Alcohol and drug testing is allowable at all levels of care. The frequency of alcohol and drug testing should be based on the beneficiary’s progress in treatment, and the frequency of testing should be higher during the initial phases of treatment when continued alcohol and/or drug use has been identified as happening higher in frequency. 

Drug testing is initiated in the following situations: 

  • When a client first begins CommonHealth services.
  • Before a client is discharged from CommonHealth Services.
  • Randomly throughout the duration of the services that CommonHealth Provides.
  • When any client is suspected of being under the influence of any substance, at the discretion of staff (can be on routine or random basis).
  • At the request of any agencies approved via consent (drug court, probation/parole, etc.).