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Ever since Covid-19 has been declared as a global pandemic, everyone has become scared and worried. Even those who are not affected by the virus are advised to stay at home. This difficult time of crisis has got us all anxious and stressed out. As we turn on the news or look around, there is a wave of panic and anxiety. Moreover, the need to stay at home has got all of us under the umbrella of isolation.

Being isolated and anxious can lead a person to many things. Those who used to be addicts can crawl back to their addiction, mental health issues can relapse at this point because of continuous stress and anxiety. Negative thoughts and unusual habits can come into the scene because of the isolation you are facing. But, you can’t let go of yourself just because you are stressed out. These habits must not be welcomed back.

If you are in Frankfort Kentucky, and you think you are going to lose this battle of being morally right and falling into old bad habits, then WE ARE HERE TO HELP. CommonHealth is a substance abuse and mental health treatment facility dedicated to people like you. Our therapies and treatment plans are driven by research and data. We are here to help you sustain a healthy lifestyle even in Covid-19.

Here are some of the tips from us to help you take small steps towards a better life:

Take a break from the news

The 24-hour cycle of news can make your anxiety spike, thus letting you make wrong decisions. You don’t have to watch the news all day, just stick with the information you have to know and keep with your normal routine.

Distract yourself

The moment you find yourself thinking about using drugs once again, put some effort into distracting yourself. Do something that gives you pleasure, interests you, and something that keeps you on the right track. Distracting yourself from negative and recurring thoughts can help you a lot.

Talk to someone

You need to maintain your connection with friends and family. Even though you might not be able to meet them but there are plenty of digital ways to talk to them and have a light conversation. Sometimes, friends are the best therapy you can get. So, talk to the ones you trust about your mental state so that they can help you.

Join support groups

If you are finding yourself being distracted, you can keep yourself on track by joining support groups. You can know what others are going through and even you might get the chance to help them. This way, you will feel positive, productive, and responsible.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. If you think you are getting off the track and nothing is helping you, WE are here. Connect with CommonHealth and lead your way towards a better and sustained life where you won’t have to worry about relapse. We are here to make sure that the people of Frankfort and the surrounding areas are having their best time even in isolation.

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