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If you’re considering drug and alcohol treatment in the Frankfort, Kentucky area, you’ve likely come across several terms, including addiction psychiatry, dual diagnosis, and even medication-assisted treatment. Determining the type of treatment you need for substance abuse and fixation, especially if you’re struggling with withdrawal symptoms or a co-occurring mood disorder, can be difficult.

People who struggle with addiction often feel that regular counseling alone will not help them control their symptoms or cravings. If you’re searching for local mental health services for addiction, withdrawal, or other uncomfortable symptoms you may be experiencing due to drugs or alcohol abuse, it’s important to remember that therapy is not a one-size-fits-all arrangement. Our counselors and psychiatrists in Frankfort are specifically trained to treat addiction.

How Can Psychiatry Help Treat Addiction

Seeing a psychiatrist for a thorough evaluation can help addiction patients receive the comprehensive care needed for a successful recovery. First, you have the benefit of a medical doctor’s expertise, and second, you have access to the additional training psychiatrists specialize in. Your psychiatrist at CommonHealth Recovery strives to partner with you to uncover reasons for addiction and make your detox symptoms less unpleasant. At the same time, you wean yourself off your narcotic of choice.