Denial (and shame) are quite prominent in the early stages of treatment, but counseling and therapy can help. CommonHealth recognizes the need for consistent counseling. Frankfort, KY patients are encouraged to utilize the support services and resources provided by CommonHealth’s counselors to guide their addiction recovery.

Counseling and therapy make up the majority of the time spent in treatment for substance abuse or addiction, and for good cause — counseling is essential because:

“most people with substance use disorders enter treatment with beliefs opposite to the facts.”

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It’s quite common for patients to enter treatment with the belief that they can later resume occasional periods of substance use or that their problem with drugs or alcohol isn’t really as bad as others have made it out to be. Counselors at Kentucky counseling center, CommonHealth, provide support for addicts both in crisis and in long-term recovery from addiction.

The decision to seek treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol is not easy. We realize a great deal of trust must be established between yourself and your counselor when you seek the services of any Kentucky counseling center. Frankfort, KY CommonHealth’s counselors build strong therapeutic alliances with their patients. What does this mean?

“Patients can trust in their counselors, feel comfortable speaking with them, and experience deep relief after a counseling appointment — patients do this with the trust and understanding that their counselors have their best interests in mind.”

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We work closely with all professionals who have a client that may benefit from treatment at CommonHealth. We will work with your patient to complete the registration process and to schedule an appointment at the patient’s convenience. You will be notified once the appointment is scheduled. 

CommonHealth Behavioral Health Treatment in Frankfort, KY

Behavioral health treatment programs vary based on individual patient needs and clinical recommendations. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and you’ve been previously diagnosed with a co-occurring mental or behavioral health disorder, contact the Frankfort behavioral health specialists at CommonHealth for a free, no-obligation assessment to find out if any of our treatment programs may be a good fit for your recovery needs. With better habits, stronger focus, and intentional behavior patterns, you too can experience significant improvements in your behavioral health. Frankfort, KY behavioral health treatment professionals at CommonHealth are prepared to provide an individualized treatment plan that will guide your healing and recovery.

CommonHealth accepts both voluntary and involuntary direct admissions from a variety of referral sources in the community. Upon making a referral to CommonHealth Kentucky, our intake team will ask for your preferences regarding ongoing communication of the patient’s progress and discharge planning. We make every effort to obtain signed releases of information for professionals involved in each patient’s care at the time of admission. 

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