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Addiction is an irresistible disease that can take hold quickly and develop into long-term substance abuse. Though addiction seems like a similar phenomenon for different people, it is very different for everyone. It is usually influenced by psychological, biological, and social factors such as age, family history, gender, a substance that is being abused, and prior drug use.

Because of its intense but different qualities, addiction is never the same for two people. Some people can find peace through just a few therapies but some might need residential care. However, when it gets hold of you, it becomes very difficult to get rid of it. Here are steps that can be followed towards addiction recovery:

1.    Insight

By inducing conversations with friends, family, health professionals, social workers, and co-workers, prior awareness about addiction is required. When you become aware of the issue you are indulged in, you will see how important it is to take action. Insight is the first and very important step towards addiction recovery.

2.    Consideration

Now, this is the stage where the patient shifts from awareness to action. Suffering individuals will take steps towards recovery, learn about the possible ways of dealing with it, and research about the therapies that can be found useful. Talking to a therapist is the best option at this stage and you will be guided further.

3.    Exploration

It is the stage where the addict is made to realize that their addiction is harming them and they should cooperate with the process. The addict takes small steps towards recovery and understands the meaning of moderation and abstinence. This is where the addict is educated and he/she takes steps willingly towards the recovery process.

4.    Early Recovery

It is the stage of great importance and risk as well. On one side, the patient might have stopped using the drugs and move towards a healthy lifestyle. But at the same time, there are high chances of relapse that need to be controlled.

5.    Maintenance

At this step, the therapist and the patient work together to maintain the progress and keep it going for the long-term. It will require hard work but once the patient is motivated, the process gets easier.

If you or your loved ones are facing such issues, we are here to help. CommonHealth is substance abuse and mental health treatment facility with the whole purpose of helping the people of Frankfort Kentucky.

Since the people of Frankfort have been impacted by the deadly disease of addiction, we are here to help. Heroin has become one of the many drugs of choice for residents of the city and in such hard times, it is the responsibility of everyone to keep their loved ones out of danger and help them seek the right treatment.

CommonHealth is coming to your city to help you live your best. You and everyone you love deserves a life with no mental issues and our mission is to make sure every person impacted by addiction gets the support and help that they need to live a healthier life.

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